ZMS Zecotek Photonics Begins Production at Shanghai Plant

Richmond, B.C.-based ZMS Zecotek Photonics has started the production of the first batch of its patented liutetium fine silicate (LFS) scintillation crystals at its facility in Shanghai, China. The production facility is wholly owned and operated by ZMS Zecotek Photonics. It has sufficient capacity to meet the delivery schedule of Tier 1 clients and will be expanded to meet growing demand in late 2018. Scintillation crystals are used in photo detectors/sensors, positron emission tomography technologies, 3D auto-stereoscopic displays, 3D metal printing, and lasers for applications in medical, high tech, and industrial sectors. Zecotek has strategic alliances with Hamamatsu Photonics (Japan), the European Organization for Nuclear Research (Switzerland), Shanghai EBO Optoelectronics Technology Co. (China), NuCare Medical Systems (South Korea), the University of Washington (United States), National NanoFab Center (South Korea), and the Malaysian Institute of Micro-electronics.

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